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What Is Freediving?

Freediving is a breath-hold diving which you may want to learn for meditation, yoga, snorkeling, skin diving or just to relax.

Whatever the reason you might want to learn freediving, you will be surprised and amazed how easy it is to increase the time you can go without breathing.  


Freediving In The Maldives

Joining a school of fish, diving with mantas or simply taking underwater photos, every freediver will live in the moment and feel truly free.

Enjoy the beauty of what surrounds you in the water. It’s like nothing else in this world. You have the ability to stay underwater on one breath of air, so enjoy the silence, peacefulness, and beauty. 


PADI Freediver Course

You will learn what your body has the capability of and of course the safety aspect of the sport, which is indispensable.  The course will be conducted in a step by step manner to build your confidence.

Relax your mind and body through different breathing and visualization.

Freediving Medical

Freediving Activity


Discover Freediving


If you enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving, freediving the next joy that you discover. Try once with our instructor. 


Join our daily trips to discover untouched coral reef and enjoy the nature with total silence. We also provide a private guide for certified freedivers.

Fehendhoo Goidhoo Fulhadhoo

PADI Freediver Course

Inside Goifulhafehendhoo Atoll is the best environment to practice and improve your ability. 

Our experienced PADI Freediver Instructor will customize the course for you to obtain freediver certification.

Contact us for more details or start today to become PADI Freediver!

Freediving Medical

Freediving is a demanding activity and you need to be in good health to participate. If you have any questions as to whether or not you are fit to freedive, consult with your physician before your trip to Fehendhoo.