Goifulhafehendhoo Atoll

Goifulhafehendhoo (or Goidhoo) Atoll, also called Horsburgh Atoll in the Admiralty Chart, is consist of three inhabited islands, Goidoo, Fehendhoo and Fulhadhoo and one uninhabited island, Innafushi, with one channel, Dhoru Kandu, on the south side.

Although its administrative atoll is Baa, Goifulhafehendhoo Atoll is a geographically independent small atoll, south of Baa, approximately 100 km northwest of Male. It is a totally new atoll for tourists and divers.

Please refer "How To Get There" section for transfer between Male and Goifulhafehendhoo Atoll.

how to get there

Fehendhoo Island

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Fehendhoo is 2.1 km long and 200 m wide, located between Goidhoo and Fulhadhoo. The actual number of residents on Fehendhoo Island is not more  100 and Fehendhoo children go to Goidhoo School by school boat instead of school bus. 

You will find a cafe for your thirst and finger food, as well as small shops for your daily needs such as tooth paste and shampoo.

Fehendhoo Island Life

Where to Stay

Goidhoo Fehendhoo Fulhadhoo Baa Atoll Maldives | PADI Dive Center Resort | guest house accommodation

There are several guest houses on Fehendhoo Island and some more on Goidhoo and Fulhadhoo.

Although staying on Fehendhoo would be the easiest to join our activities, may you wish to stay on another island, it is aslo possible to pick you up from your island or we even can go and do some activities right in front of your island.

Cooperating Guest House

How To Get There

To get to Goidhoo, Fehendhoo and Fulhadhoo are basically the same. Either by public ferry from Male City and Goidhoo or you may take domestic flight to Dharavandhoo to get picked up by speedboat arranged by your guest house.

Depending on your international flight timing, it is recommended or required to stay overnight in Male. Your guest house will assist you to check availability and make all transfer reservations.

How to get there


There are several ferries operate between Male City and Goidhoo Island, everyday except Wednesday and Friday. It takes 1.5-2 hours, depending on weather and sea conditions.

When you arrive Goidhoo Island, your guest house representative will pick you up at Goidhoo jetty and another few-minute boat ride to reach Fehendhoo.


There is also a domestic airport, Dharavandhoo, in Baa Atoll. Approximately 40 minutes flight between Male and Dharavandhoo and another 45 minutes speed boat trip to Fehendhoo. Your guest house will make reservation for the domestic flight and arrange the boat to get on your island.

Getting around

Once you are on Fehendhoo Island, you will find AQUA BLUE Fehendhoo easily at the east end of resident area - the resident area is only 250 meters from east to west.

Staying on Fehendhoo will be the easiest for divers and holiday makers to join our dive trips and activities whenever you want, however, may you choose to stay on Goidhoo or Fulhadhoo, we will pick you up by jetski or by boat before the activity.

During your stay on Fehendhoo, you may be interested in visiting other islands. It is only a few-minute ride to Goidhoo or Fulhadhoo, however, if you wish to visit a resort island as a day trip, it is advised to contact them beforehand and make an appointment.

Fehendhoo Island Life


On Fehendhoo, we have a long stretch of Bikini Beach where you can be free of dress code.

However, you are requested to cover shoulders and to wear at least the knee-length trousers in the public area of the island. T-shirt and board shorts are commonly worn by locals as well. For ladies, one sarong to cover yourselves after swimming would be convenient.

For activities, such as diving and snorkeling trips, catamaran sailing, please enjoy the sunshine with your bikinis and swimming trunks.

Keep Fehendhoo Clean

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Waste management, especially plastic waste handling is one of the hardest tasks for small local islands in the Maldives due to logistics. Here, on Fehendhoo, we walk around the island to collect waste, plastic bottles, cans, as well as things drifted onto the shore from outside.

Together with the local community and individuals, we all are trying hard to keep Fehendhoo clean!

AQUA BLUE Fehendhoo hosts an event on Fehendhoo island to improve the plastic pollution awareness.

Water & Plastic

Goidhoo Fehendhoo Fulhadhoo Baa Atoll Maldives | PADI Dive Center Resort Watersports Snorkeling

Recycling plastic is difficult on a small local island like Fehendhoo. Why shouldn't we try NOT to produce plastic waste?

If you love ocean and nature, please consider before you unseal a bottle of water on the island.

If you purchase an AQUA BLUE Sports Bottle, you will get unlimited FREE water refill during your stay on Fehendhoo!